Test Equipment Manufacturing

Testing Equipment Manufacturing

Turnkey Inspection Equipment

Tests with an insepction devices during development can identify weak points or quality defects in a product at an early stage. This saves time and money and ensures optimal product quality.

senswork offers a wide range of test systems - from fully automatic end-of-line test cells in automatic production systems to manual test stations for small series or incoming goods inspection to test stands for laboratory applications. We always plan the solutions according to the needs.

Modern production environments with an increasing degree of automation and ever shorter product cycles require high-performance testing technology.

All from a single source

How can you ensure that the products you deliver meet the quality requirements of your customers? Are your controls too unsafe and do you get complaints from time to time?

We deliver tailor-made inspection systems that check the 100 % quality of your products at the end of the manufacturing process and ensure that no bad part leaves your premises.

Your partner for optical inspection systems: The requirements for a test station can change quickly. If necessary, we will modernize your test equipment and adapt it to new requirements.

Our Vision-Unit Manual Workstation

Ideal for optical measuring and inspection tasks

The VisionUnit turnkey manual test station from senswork is perfect for pre-series production, for example in connector production or in the production of plastic injection-molded parts.

Consisting of a multi-camera system for a wide variety of inspection tasks, part pick-up, good part marking, control and a monitor, as well as options for connecting to MES or handling systems, it offers numerous possibilities to individualize it depending on the task.

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Our Virtual connector gauge

High-precision pin inspection of connector assemblies

Plug connections must be manufactured precisely so that the pins fit perfectly on the circuit board during assembly. With the Virtual Connector Gauge from senswork, the smallest deviations can be detected before damage occurs.


  • Pin positions check

  • Detection of form defects


  • Inline measurement

  • Extremely short evaluation time: 20 ms

  • Flexible measuring method: For all connector types / PCB

  • Contactless and wear-free

  • Less material needed

  • High resolution results

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Our Vision-Unit

Turnkey Test Unit for Machine Builders

Especially when several cameras have to be integrated on a rotary transfer machine or in a process line, various interfaces need to be coordinated. To simplify this process of coordination, senswork has developed the VisionUnit. Thanks to defined mechanical and electrical interfaces, optional focus variation units, modular axis systems for scanning applications, and the whole thing enclosed as a modular system, integration becomes child's play. The compact test unit can be installed in machines with little effort. This saves a lot of time during commissioning.

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senswork is an expert in machine vision systems and specializes in optical inspection, industrial image processing and testing equipment manufacturing. Our ready-to-use camera technologies for automation and quality assurance are used every day by our renowned customers in numerous industries. This includes 3D inspection, optical measuring systems, position detection, completeness control as well as surface and label inspection (OCR and OCV). Whether it is the initial feasibility study or a complete integration of camera inspection systems – our clients can rely on our extensive experience and on our customer-specific systems.


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