location detection

location detection

Recognize: Pick & Place for Automation systems

Compatible with all systems

Our systems are based on standardized industrial interfaces and are therefore compatible with products from all current automation manufacturers in the industry.

Our solutions:

  • 2D and 3D position detection on conveyor belts.

  • 2D and 3D position detection in workpiece boxes

  • Pick from the box

  • Conveyor tracking

  • 2D and 3D position detection for depalettizing automation

  • Generally: Pick & Place automation tasks in automation

2D and 3D location detection, Pick & Place

Location detection and part guidance might serve different purposes. First, an image processing system can detect the position and direction of a part und compare it to a set level of tolerance, to ensure that the angle is right for correct assembly. Furthermore, information about the position and angle of a part in a 2D and 3D space can be forwarded to the machine control system, which then enables the automation system to localize the part or the machine to align the part. In tasks like arranging parts on or from pallets, packing parts from a conveyor belt, detecting and aligning parts for assembly with other components, placing parts on a shelf or picking parts from boxes, the guidance of an image processing system reaches a significantly higher speed and precision than the manual positioning.

Precise and robust 2D and 3D location detection for Pick & Place automation of parts in automation systems is an essential part of modern automation. The cutting-edge camera technology by senswork localizes parts independent from their rotation and their position data in X / Y, and optionally also Z, is then forwarded to the automation control system. The alignment of the subsequent image-processing tool enables automated fixation of the tool. The key features of the part are localized and the data is used for the operation of other tools, e.g. the caliper, blob or edge tool. Specifically developed calibration modules significantly facilitate the comparison between the automation system coordination system and the camera system. This enables the manufacturer to process various products on the same production line and reduces the amount of tools, which would otherwise be necessary to maintain the position of the part during the inspection.

senswork offers additional modules for conveyor tracking tasks, which detect moving workpiece carriers and compare their position with the control system. A precise time check enables a precision of <0.1 mm in position and location.

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senswork is an expert in machine vision systems and specializes in optical inspection, industrial image processing and testing equipment manufacturing. Our ready-to-use camera technologies for automation and quality assurance are used every day by our renowned customers in numerous industries. This includes 3D inspection, optical measuring systems, position detection, completeness control as well as surface and label inspection. Whether it is the initial feasibility study or a complete integration of camera inspection systems – our clients can rely on our extensive experience and on our customer-specific systems.


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