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We apply our core competencies to develop customer-specific industrial image processing systems and manufacture customized inspection devices. This underlines our ability to develop specialized solutions.

3D Inspection

3D systems in optical inspection offer unprecedented possibilities to detect shape, location and position. However, the application of 3D technology requires many years of experience, as the complexity of imaging and image analysis is not to be underestimated. We are specialists for 3D laser triangulation systems, stereo cameras, time-of-flight sensors and depth-from-focus systems, and have therefore detailed knowledge of the differences and fields of application, which helps us to find the most suitable solution for every task.

Location Detection

Our systems are based on standardized industrial interfaces and are therefore compatible with products from all current automation manufacturers in the industry.

Optical Measuring Systems

There is a large variety of fields of use for camera systems in location detection, position inspection, or e.g. surface inspection in the industry, which therefore require a maximum of flexibility. On the basis of the components provided by renowned manufacturers, we develop complete systems for dimension inspections, position inspections, presence and absence checks or other feature detections up to the µm area.

Surface Inspections

It is the icing on the cake in industrial image processing to create aesthetic and functionally perfect surfaces in production. senswork offers several solutions for detecting e.g. scratches or cracks during a surface inspection; the solutions can be applied in different fields of operation and on different materials. The scope covers the control of tape and reel goods up to the surface inspection of bent or reflecting surfaces. Even color errors, finish errors, inclusions and finish runs can be detected - quickly and efficiently.

Completeness Confirmation

Are all parts available and correctly installed? Is the item label attached and in the right place? Are all screws in place and provided with locking varnish? Is the blister completely filled and are all parts in the correct position?

In the fully automated final inspection, senswork image processing guarantees the completeness check of products or the complete assembly.

Label & Code Inspection

For traceability and identification, 2D codes are attached to products and components using a wide variety of processes such as laser marking, needling or printing.

Manaufacturing of Inspection Devices

We create individual inspection devies that provide important services to a handcraft workplace. In order for everything to work its usual way, the inspection device is designed according to the user requirements and the working environment.

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Camera Inspection Systems

senswork is an expert in machine vision systems and specializes in optical inspection, industrial image processing and testing equipment manufacturing. Our ready-to-use camera technologies for automation and quality assurance are used every day by our renowned customers in numerous industries. This includes 3D inspection, optical measuring systems, position detection, completeness control as well as surface and label inspection (OCR and OCV). Whether it is the initial feasibility study or a complete integration of camera inspection systems – our clients can rely on our extensive experience and on our customer-specific systems.


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