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Feasibility Study

Free of Charge & Non-Binding

Send us your task, and we will create a feasibilty study free of charge and non-binding. We will elaborate on possible solutions and get back to you as soon as possible via the contact details provided.

Just send us a detailed description of the task(s) as well as images of the inspection parts and the local circumstances. We are happy to discuss the details on the phone or during a first on-site visit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us under +49-8677 409958-0 or by email, if you have any questions about the information required.

Information Needed for Your Feasibility Study:

  • Description of the inspection task

  • Description of the inspection task in the manufacturing environment

  • Shape / Dimensions / Surface

  • Inspection features & tolerances

  • Operating speed and drawing of the component



  • Machine Vision Systems Integration

  • Turnkey Manufacturing & Customized Manufacturing

  • Consulting services

  • Concept development

  • Customized constructions, prototyping
 camera technology, optics, and lighting

  • Construction of inspection areas and construction of inspection devices

  • Complete systems

Manufacturing of Inspection Devices

Workplace End-of -Line Solutions

In many cases an individual inspection area, e.g. for the incoming goods inspection, in a laboratory or as an end-of-line solution is required. An individual inspection area can also provide important services to a handcraft workplace. In order for everything to work its usual way, the inspection device is designed according to the user requirements and the working environment.
The data collected can also be uploaded into the central database. Everything matches and is intertwined. End-of -Line Solutions of Handcrafted Workplace - just for you!

senswork Inc

Camera Inspection Systems

senswork is an expert in machine vision systems and specializes in optical inspection, industrial image processing and testing equipment manufacturing. Our ready-to-use camera technologies for automation and quality assurance are used every day by our renowned customers in numerous industries. This includes 3D inspection, optical measuring systems, position detection, completeness control as well as surface and label inspection (OCR and OCV). Whether it is the initial feasibility study or a complete integration of camera inspection systems – our clients can rely on our extensive experience and on our customer-specific systems.


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