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High-precision pin inspection of connector assemblies

Plug connections must be manufactured precisely so that the pins fit perfectly on the circuit board during assembly. With the Virtual Connector Gauge from senswork, the smallest deviations can be detected before damage occurs.

Spatial Measurement Using Laser Triangulation

When producing clay bricks, it is critical to ensure the dimensional accuarcy of all the bricks being made. This prevents bricks from leaving the factory beyond the manufacturing

The VisionUnit from senswork enables a semi-automatic measurement of connector assemblies

The gap between the contact surfaces plays a major role in these connector assemblies. The distance between the individual contact surfaces is measured with this senswork system to an accuracy of 0.01 mm.

Manual Inspection Station with Aaxis focusing system for inspection of Fakra connector

Our semi-automatic test system measures different Fakra connector assemblies for correct coding, wobble circuit as well as pluggability of the PCB side. To check the pluggability, we use our virtual plug gauge, which recognizes the pluggability in a virtual board image based on the given pin positions.

Dual Camera System Detects Nest Numbers on Miniature Components

A dual camera system with mirror deflection enables the reading of part numbers on so-called turbocharger guide vanes by means of OCR. For this purpose, two Cognex In-Sight 8000 smart camera systems were integrated into a senswork VisionUnit with mirror deflection.

Camera system with variable camera adjustment insepcts the Fakra connector assembly

This turnkey insepction system consisting of a 25-megapixel camera for the PCB side and a 5-megapixel camera for the interface side tests a wide variety of Fakra plug assemblies.

Quality Inspection in the Manufacture of Reversing Sensors

For a French automotive supplier, senswork developed and implemented optical control modules for the quality inspection of automotive reversing sensors. Different sensor types are processed in one machine, then packed and stacked in different trays. The modular machine consists of four assembled modules connected by a common control system. A total of seven camera systems are used for optical inspection and defect detection.

VisionUnit with automatic focus adjustment checks USB plugs

With USB connectors there are different contact surfaces on different Z-planes. In order to ensure a sharp view of the contact quality even at high resolution, this VisionUnit records several images on different focal planes in the shortest possible time. The characteristics are calculated across screens in the test program.

VisionUnit inspects connector assemblies in a test machine

With another VisionUnit from senswork with mirror deflection and manual focus adjustment, hundreds of connector assemblies are fully tested every day in an automatic testing machine from Adaptronic. The additional lighting ensures the best lighting conditions for the high-contrast representation of the test features.

An automotive supplier manufactures connector strips for the specialty "autonomous driving". These strips must be extremely precise and should be tested using an inline process. The ZFokus from senswork enables pin heights to be determined with an accuracy of ±0.1 millimeters.

Manufacturers of connector components are confronted with ever increasing demands on the precision of the connectors and their compactness in order to meet the functional requirements for high-frequency, digital data. The quality of connector components must be 100 percent guaranteed. The coplanarity test of SMD assemblies or the pin height test are two applications that are exemplarily solved with the ZFokus.

Using the example of the soldering point inspection, ZFokus allows the determination of the soldering volume, the detection of gaps in the soldering point and the evaluation of the shape of a soldering point. ZFokus shows its strengths wherever 2D systems today when evaluating soldered joints, due to fluctuating contrast variances, produce excessive pseudo rejects or cannot reliably detect defect features.

Maximum image sharpness for a wide variety of component types

In order to obtain maximum flexibility with regard to the most varied of connector types for manual connector testing at a manual test station, senswork offers correspondingly powerful VisionUnits with variable focus adjustment. The focus variation is made possible via a 30 mm servo axis, which can be controlled either via a PLC or directly via the camera program.

Smart cameras ensure precise assembly of switching elements for electric cookers

So that assembly elements can be precisely joined in switching elements of electric cookers, the position and rotation of an assembly must be known very precisely. In an automated production line with several machines, our cameras recognize the position and angular position of the elements with an accuracy of 0.01 mm or 0.2 degrees and transmit the measured data to the system.

Measurement of the inner conductor tip deflection of coaxial cables

In high-frequency technology, the quality of the installed coaxial cables, especially in the connection area of the cables, plays a major role in the subsequent signal quality. The measuring system developed by senswork records the inner conductor tip three-dimensionally and is thus able to precisely measure the spatial deflection of the tip as well as the protrusion from the outer conductor shield.

Turnkey test device with automatic focusing device

The testing device, which is 100% manufactured by senswork, enables the measurement of Fakra plug assemblies with an accuracy range of ± 0.02 mm. Both the Fakra interface side and the PCB side with press fits are tested with this device. An automatic focusing device ensures that the pins relate to the reference feature with constant image quality. The system is calibrated by a checkerboard calibration with high-precision calibration targets.

Connector Inspection with a Mirror and Prism System

The double-head inspection system checks cutting contacts from two directions at the same time by means of cleverly deflected beam paths. A 3D portal system positions this VisionUnit from senswork over the contact elements.

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